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Discover the marvel of the craftsmanship, love this extreme art form, enjoy collecting ceramic animal figurines

Collecting ceramic animal figurines can be original or abstract, on a small or big scale.
Discover how you can perfect and take care of your ceramic animals collection with a few simple moves.

Collecting ceramic animal figurines, 
How does it start?

There are few people who get to decide to collect animal figurines overnight while others may discover to have a collection when they have more than a few pieces. If you enjoy looking at your ceramic porcelain animal figurines, you are on the road to become a collector.


The choice of animal figurines,

Which is your favorite animal?
This usually is a good starting point for a collection. It could be a ceramic cat or a ceramic dog, a ceramic horse or a ceramic elephant. You can be pushed in a certain direction instead of another one by an emotional memory,  by a mythological or astrological meaning, or by an emblematic dream.

Maybe you prefer a ceramic animal that can represent who you are, your personal history and of your being; it could highlight an obvious characteristic, as well as a feature you don’t usually show to anyone but which increases your charm.
Some ceramic animals are more popular than others - ceramic dogs, ceramic cats, ceramic parrots, ceramic horses. There are some more exclusive, harder to find animals which essentially give you more pleasure as you need to search for them.


Recognize a hingh quality ceramic figurines,

This is the essential question which differentiates simple ceramic passion from a real ceramic connoisseur; an important collection can not be formed by impulse-chosen ceramic pieces, but it should be planned with judgement. First of all, we could start choosing the material: are ceramic and porcelain synonymous or different?

Ceramic is made from clay mixes with silica, natural materials which are easy to model. Once dried and fired, it becomes hard and solid.

Porcelain is made from artificial kaolin mixed with clay; it is heated to higher temperatures than ceramic and it provides well-defined details. It is more delicate than ceramic and therefore more precious; it is heavier it does not allow the production of larger manufacts.

There is also a third possible choice, Keramnext: it is an Italian patent developed by Zanardello which is made from natural clays. It blends the qualities of both ceramic and porcelain and keeps out their weaknesses - with an eye on environment: it needs lower heating temperatures.


Keeping and preserving your ceramic collection,

As your collection of ceramic animal figurines grows, you need to take care of them.
Ceramic is certainly a strong material, it can be cleaned without fear of ruining it and the color never fades because it is glazed with fire.

If you choose to display your ceramic animals like decorative ceramic objects around your home, you need to frequently dust them and of course keep them away from accidental impacts.
If you are a meticulous and precision-lover you can put your collection in a display case. Here you can display your collection without fear of dust or, worse, of unpleasant accidents or damages.
Collectors have a long-term memory: they know when and where each piece was bought, because each one is a precious memory.
A collection is important not just for its owner but also important as an heirloom for those who inherit the collection.
To keep track of all your ceramic art pieces you can set up a cataloguing system,  choosing between several possibilities: from simple labels, even customized, to a digital photo catalogue.

This is a way of showing some pieces of your collection


How to evaluate your ceramic collection

When your collection is composed of articles of virtue and is well-organized, you can also think about its value: this awareness will dignify your home and will be a matter of pride in showing it to guests.
Overall, the value of your ceramic collection is not simply the sum of each piece’s cost, rather each piece will be worth something because it is a part of a homogeneous and well-ordered group.
Variety of pieces are important and not obvious: the more valuable ceramic animal pieces you will get, the more it will enhance its value; and also less valuable ceramic figurines will shine as well thanks to more precious pieces.
The number of ceramic pieces is not to be underestimated: certainly you do not need to accumulate hundreds of ceramic animals. 
It is also true that size matters: if your you have a big home you can indulge and get large ceramic pieces that are even embellished with fine glaze or precious metals.

In conclusion

A ceramic animal collection is a source of pleasure, it gratifies and gives meaning to the space it will fill. 
The collection is very stimulating and will give you  satisfaction when taking care of it and showing it to guests. 
Ahura, with the big ceramic store, lets you add to your collection precious and valuable pieces, real handmade works of art whose value will last and increase over time.

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