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Custom design objects

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Custom design objects

Custom made design objects: exactly what you want

Nowadays the demand for custom design items created on customers' needs is increasingly recurring.
Taylor-made, the practice of creating products with specific characteristics by request is not just a recent fad or trend, but it is the best way to create something exactly as you want it.
There are various reasons why people might want custom-made things. For example, to stand out from the crowd, the need for precise dimensions, or a decorate something that matches to a particular environment.
All this occurs exponentially in contract and commercial interior design, which needs a turnkey-formula, specifically designed products and delivery within the stipulated time.

Some hitches

Creating custom design objects presents many difficulties.
First, it is increasingly difficult to find producers who prove to be efficient at both production and quality, due to relocation which does not allow constant monitoring of all production stages.
Conversely, small artisans cannot always guarantee production control standards.
Therefore, problems related to non-compliance with the delivery time, quality of raw materials and finished products are recurring.
A lot of companies use outdated technologies; sometimes manpower is not qualified for conducting work; often cheap materials are used.

Possible solutions

Technology can solve many issues about custom design items

It is important to contact companies able to communicate with designers, architects and contractors, to translate their needs to technicians that will realize custom design items.
From the point of view of mass production, a custom-design piece is an investment of time, materials and therefore money. To ensure that the juice is worth the squeeze, it is important that the laboratory is able to experiment new solutions that will facilitate the production and at the same time meet the contractor's needs. In this, technology has an important role: advanced tools allow for stable quality that obsolete machinery cannot provide.
Effective dialogue is key to analyze the needs of the client and the realization of the object; this is possible only when the chosen laboratory has the tools to freely interpret and implement requests by customers.

Ceramic industry

Today furniture and the lighting industry as well as designers and architects like to experiment with more and more new materials, and interpret the old into something new.

Creating a custom ceramic sculpture
Ceramic lends itself to this kind of research, because of its versatility and its endless possibilities of manufacturing, decoration and finishing.
Unfortunately, you are discouraged to turn to ceramic laboratories because they do not have cutting-edge technology and can therefore not guarantee high quality production standards.

Ahura’s case

Ahura makes the difference: a unique production base, where clays are mixed to give life to exclusive Keramnext; mixture is poured into moulds, dried, cooked, decorated and finished. Finally products are packed and shipped; all this happens within our factory, employing master craftsmen of proven ability.
Ahura products have the highest quality standards, due to the greater strength of Keramnext. Compared to traditional materials and purity of the finishings, particularly those in precious metals; delivery times are respected at 98% of the time; we have almost zero quality complaints.
Breakage during transport is rare because of the impact resistance of our products as we as for the  innovative packaging methods we use.
With over 40 years of experience, Ahura is able to understand and interpret client's wishes and translate them into reality. A craftsmanship that turns dreams, even those that seem impossible, in reality.
Each project is studied in our laboratory in all of its phases, from the model to the final realization.
Upon client’s request, we can produce special models, starting from existing designs or objects. Depending on his/her needs the model is created in clay, by hand, or with 3D design and printing.
From this we create a mold from which we will produce the final product.
Decorations are limited only by your imagination; both hot or cold finishings are made with the best materials.
We cannot forget to mention precious metals finishings, like gold: we use only 24-karat gold, in a 20% suspension, among the highest available; certainly the cost is higher, but quality is unsurpassed, even after decades.


It is an innovative material patented by Zanardello srl in collaboration with Ahura: it exclusively consists of natural clays, with a fine grain size like China, but a light weight comparable to ceramic one.

An artisan is taking care of small details
What does it mean in practice?
Keramnext allows to make well-finished details as well as works of great size, with a minimum weight and high impact resistance. A further advantage is the classification of the product as "ceramics" which involves customs costs lower than China.


AHURA collaborates with Zanardello srl, an Italian company that designs, develops and implements furnishing and design projects.
Unlike the highly traditional interpretation of Ahura, Zanardello loves to play: from this innate curiosity, unusual combinations of materials such as ceramics, glass, metal and fabrics, creating original contemporary works.
Zanardello’s artists interpret trends through innovative shapes and materials: the result is impeccable works, both aesthetically and qualitatively. Among the most important projects "Lira" is surely one of them; the chandelier that covers the entire lobby of the Taj Hotel, Mumbai. Made with metal and glass that are combined in modular elements, which can be arranged in an infinite number of ways and adapted to any space.

Lira Lamp in Taj Hotel, Mumbai

The result

Tradition and innovation, wisdom and research, knowledge and experimentation: all this creates innovative projects, which fit naturally in any design.

Our products have a strong character, which uniquely represent the personality of each project, in a spontaneous dialogue with designers, architects, contractors but also individual customers.

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