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Exclusive shop window display ideas

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Exclusive shop window display ideas to attract new customers

Exclusive shop window display ideas to attract new customers in your showroom

The first and the most important contact with a potential client happens in the shop window.
But how you can make people stop when they are busy with their smartphone, always in a hurry, lost in their own thoughts?
Let's take a look at some exclusive shop window display ideas which will break these habits. When you put  extraneous objects which tell the story of your products in your shop window you’ll create something unusual compared to the traditional display of products.

All that is unrelated with your selling product should gain the attention of the passerby, in other words, it should represent something unusual, new, that catches the glance. However, this item should not be the sole focus of the window display  but  should make you look all around at all the products int the window. 

In order to do this, the "catalyst" should be consistent with the products,  so the rest of the products can be understood and easily connected rather than a mismatched. Certainly a strong dissonance is immediately recognizable, it catches the glaze and amazes, but too much visual noise is soon forgotten.

For example: I have a classic clothing store and I want to place some clothes in the shop window with some furniture. I might insert in the arrangement with a white ceramic greyhound, which could perfectly suggest the mood of the collection.
The lights in the shop window reflect on the glazing surface of the ceramic dog, creating playful glare which catches the eye of those walking nearby. The neutral color lets the greyhound integrate with the colors of the clothes without competing nor distracting - on the contrary, it introduces and describes the shown collection.
If instead I chose an element with a strong contrast, such as a washing machine, it surely would draw the attention, but just for a second. Enough time for the passerby to realize that it has anything to do with the context.

Suggestions for a classical clothes arrangement The shop window mood should also have some connection to the showroom, to provide continuity and create no false note.
To use the same example of the classical clothing collection, I could place in the showroom a piece of furniture that matches with the greyhound in the shop window. Perhaps, a table lamp, which will play the role of providing a pleasant atmosphere and catching the eyes on where it stands.
If you make your customers feel comfortable, they will spend more time in your showroom, pay more attention to products on sale and most likely will buy something.

Desire is what pushes the purchase and it is triggered only when emotions come into play. So the store should seduce customers. Set up the store with pleasant surroundings to create a significant impact. Purchasing and buying becomes a unique experience, such that customers would do it again.

When you choose a piece of furniture you should think about your choice and not make any rash decisions. You should avoid being ruled by cheap and common objects, or short-lived trends.
A classy and quality product is above trends. It will always stand out.
Certainly it is an investment and, even more so, it will be better if you choose an artistic and quality object.

Artistic ceramic objects fit this kind of practice: even if it is often considered a folk creation, ceramic art shows actually give a good taste of unique creativity. Ceramics can fit in any context, both classical and modern. As time goes by the art piece remains precious and special as it falls outside of any trend and therefore is timeless.

Nothing will be left to chance: warm colors set a pleasant mood, while cool ones transmit undefined feelings. Handmade works bring interesting effects, with contrasts between matte and glazed surfaces, mixing distant cultures and inspirations from art history.
Abstract decorations speak a language made of shapes and colors, which cause different feelings, while natural motifs, accurately define life on their own.

Evocative power of ceramic works of art can create such a magic atmosphere, moving deep feelings and inspiring senses.

There are infinite inspirations that you can use in your showroom, playing on products color palettes and setting a mood with  ceramic works of art.

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Anna Letizia

Written by Anna Letizia

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