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How to choose the best air freshener

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How to choose the best air freshener

Discover how to choose the best air freshener

Do you want your home, office or store to smell differently? Find out how to do it effectively and economically.

To walk into a room and be greeted by a good scent is a wonderful feeling.  Whether we are at home, or we enter in an unknown place, the first and most immediate reaction is an olfactory stimulus - which many times is subconscious.
Perfume -  we do not see it , nor hear, nor we can  we touch it. We cannot shut it out from the senses as one would tap their ears, close their eyes or mouth. A scent is something that linger even if you tap you nose. Like the other sense smell has the power to recall memories of past.

Scent is a key that opens doors that perhaps we had forgotten exist: behind these doors, emotions are hiding away and waiting for the exact moment when they are recalled to our consciousness. Like song a scent can take you to a precise moment in your past that engulfs you with memories.

Scent of home

There is no place like home

Each house has a peculiar smell; the scent of our home is impossible for us to smell because we are accustomed to it - except in cases when we return after a long absence. It is an odor that smells like what we usually cook, blended with cleaning products, laundry detergent, and the smell of the skin of the people who live there: it is a unique and unmistakable blend.
Although it is unique it could be that we want to change it, and add a new scent in the atmosphere.

Shops and stores

In stores it is easy that odors mix with one another: products for sale smell new plus every person who enters brings his own smell some of which may be excessive perfume scents. This mix may not always be pleasant, which is why it's important to foster an environment that is pleasant for all those that enter. In such cases you may want to choose a scent that is  unique and recognizable that people associate with your or your store.


Most people  spend most of the day in the office which could either be a private office or an open space shared office.  Either way after hours of working the air becomes stagnant, despite the modern air conditioning or ventilation systems. The long hours in front of the computer and stagnant air  contributes to decrease concentration. In these cases it can be a valuable aid to use a perfume with sparkling aromas, that stimulates concentration and helps focus our thoughts.

The best way to perfume a place

There are different types of scents, many of which may be artificial and potentially harmful encouraging domestic and environmental pollution. While potpourri and scented chalks have a limited effect and are mostly decorative, traditional air sprays or aerosols create a fake smell despite promises.

  • scented candles: every store which has a household department also sells scented candles. There are an infinite variety of colors, sizes and fragrances. They are ideal for small places and to create atmosphere, but they should not be ever left unattended to avoid unpleasant accidents.
    Classical scented candles
  • incense:  are definitely exotic and sometimes create an excessive smell, so much that people do not appreciate them. Incense should be used  for large spaces as they spread the fragrance around the room and  remain in the air. They require a constant presence, too; in addition, some studies estimate that the smoke of incense can be compared to cigarette smoke, which is not healthy.Exotic incense smell
  • automatic air fresheners: there are endless types: timed,  motion sensor or fully automatic. They are very practical, even if they require a power supply or a battery but unfortunately too often are the scents not natural.
  • vaporizers: work with a ultrasound, then require electricity (even if a modest amount); they spray the water to which you can add essential oils. Therefore they have a dual use, such as humidifier and as fragrance diffuser. They require continuous attention, adding water to the tank as well as renewing renew essential oils - on average once or twice a day, depending on usage.
  • essential oil diffusers: they are usually made of ceramic or glazed earthenware and consist of a support for a tealight candle on which rests a small bowl for the essential oils. They have a fairly good efficacy, although hardly manage to cover large environments; they require constant presence because they use a candle, and because fragrances bowl should never stay empty. Autonomy is reduced, from two to four hours.
  • reed diffusers: they consist of a glass or ceramic container, which contains the perfume essence, and wooden sticks to be inserted into the opening of the container. The essence is absorbed by the sticks that spread it around. They are ideal for every kind of space, you simply need to adjust the number of sticks so that the essence will fill the environment without saturating it. They require a minimum care: the sticks should be tipped about once a week; they last a few months, or more, depending on the amount of essence.
    Reed diffusers are probably the best solution
    Definitely reed diffusers are a great choice, but you need to pay attention to the composition of the perfume: sometimes it contains alcohol to facilitate the evaporation of essence, and often the aromas are chemically obtained or their origin is unknown. That is why it is important to choose products which contain natural essential oils and from a declared trusted source.

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Written by Anna Letizia

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