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How to choose the best gift

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How to choose the best gift


How you can choose the best important gift? Discover how to guess right and be appreciated with your present

If you want to choose the perfect gift and have it be appreciated read this guide that will help you know exactly how to pick something.

The business owner retires; a long-running employee gets married; a person with a certain influence helps us to solve a problem and we want to pay our debts. There are countless occasions in which we need to give an important gift as a sign of respect and gratitude toward a person.

Meaning of gift

The gift has always been at the basis of human relations, or of relationship between man and god; it is a way to recognize each other and show respect, but also to pay a sort of debt in its comparisons and ensure a long-lasting trade or alliance relationship. The gift becomes a means of social conjunction, which creates or reinforces a friendship that extends to the whole community.
A gift creates new relationships

The value of the gift might be material or symbolic but in both cases it is to give thanks or to celebrate a person.
Whether you choose a prepackaged or an handmade object, the gift represents your own personality, making your thoughts and emotions tangible.
According to the Maori of New Zealand, the gift is a bond of souls: he who gives a present to another also gives a part of himself, and he who receives and accepts the gift holds a part of the soul of the donor.

Although these meanings seem distant in time and part of past cultures  you can understand nonetheless the significance a gift can have. A gift is the consolidation of a relationship, both in friendship and work. Wether you are buying or making a gift by hand there is a certain care that goes in to choosing what is most a appropriate for one specific person, as a perfect gift for your colleague may not be the perfect gift for your mother. The actual giving or exchange of gifts is an action like the one described above, a interchanging of two energies.

The important gifts

Choosing a gift is not formulaic. You cannot have a recipe and know exactly what to get someone because everyone is different. This is also one of the things that makes choosing a gift exciting and fun. For those people in your life that are important a gift should hold some kind of value and meaning.
Immediately you would think about an expensive item but these occasions it is the thought that counts. However, you can buy a gift full of meaning even without spending so much.

The former US President Ronald Reagan used to bring in tribute to colleagues a jar full of candy Jelly Beans, which he especially enjoyed. This may not necessarily be classified as an  "important gift," but surely these presents have remained etched in the mind of those who received them more than traditional commemorative pens.
Former president Ronald Reagan used to give a jar full of Jelly Beans
When choosing a gift is it is important to assess the recipients personal taste.
Mistaking a gift, clashing with expectations or taste of those who will receive it, implies the message "I don't care enough about you."
You must also keep in mind not to overdo it: an expensive gift may indicate social dissatisfaction and great ambition or it could also indicate a sense of insecurity and inadequacy towards you, but also demonstrate your avarice.

The rules to avoid mistakes

Put aside your desire to "impress" at all costs: the risk is to choose a tawdry and hardly acceptable present.
Avoid to find something that only you like, but that maybe collides with the recipient’s tastes.
Leave aside those objects which, although classics, are unfortunately predictable and ordinary (e.g. Silver pen, unless a Mont Blanc), or that are easy to fashion (e.g. glasses or other glass tableware which look like crumpled).
Don't rely on saying "size matters" because true elegance is also noticeable in small things.

How to choose the best important gift

  • A painting: you don't need to be a connoisseur to purchase a work of art or appreciate it - provided that this is not too contemporary and flashy.
    Size should be contained, never exaggerated both not to achieve an effect of arrogance, and to make sure that the painting will find a place in the house the person who will receive your gift.
    Unless you  know the preference of the recipient,the choice of subject should avoid sacred subjects or too revealing female nudes; landscape is a classic that never bores, as well as a still life with flowers or fruit. In case you choose an abstract work, it should not be overly rowdy, with too many bright colors or strong contrasts.
  • An engraving: Engravings are completely handmade works by  the artist and master printer. There are print presses that have a long history and collaborate with nationally and internationally renowned artists.  An art print is an elegant and exclusive gift.
  • A sculpture: it is definitely a more serious gift, both in terms of cost and overall effect. If you choose to donate a sculpture, it is better to stay on the classic and avoid excessively contemporary subjects that may be unwelcome. The material can be traditional stone, as well as bronze or wood but also ceramic works are excellent.
    Classical Muses panel
  • An artistic handicraft object: it could be a single piece or limited edition product,entirely made by hand  or only in certain stages of its processing, this type of gift is appreciated for its aesthetic value.
  • A bottle of vintage wine: it is easier to be appreciated by a man rather than a woman, but a fine wine is an important and highly effective gift.
  • A set of crystal glasses: fine, hand blown, show no doubt their preciousness. If the recipient is a lover of good wine, he will like definitely the gift.
  • Silverware: here there are many choices from serving utensils at jugs, from bowls to trays. The value of this gift is easy to understand and it will definitely be appreciated in all its forms.
    Silverware is a classic gift
  • A ceramic, porcelain or glass vase: this is a classic important gift; It may be meant to hold cut flowers, as well as to be exposed for its beauty. Precious metal finishings add a touch of class and elegance to simpler forms.

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