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How you can choose unique gifts for every occasion

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How you can choose unique gifts for every occasion

How you can choose unique gifts?

There are plenty of opportunities to give gifts: birthdays, weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, graduations… The tricky part is to chose original and unique gifts, which stand out from the crowd and will be admired for their genuineness. Today we are submerged by in mass-produced, identical and conventional things; it is always more difficult finding one-of-a-kind pieces in the middle of a chaos of cheap copies. Nonetheless we want are gifts to be admired and remembered. If we think about prestigious works of art in art galleries, we could have a problem, both for their considerable cost and for their shocking appearance if contemporary. However art also appears in contexts other than traditional painting or sculpting: you can think about glassmaker of Murano, Venice, or handcrafted ceramics, or artisan wooden objects, or design accessories.

Ideas are various, but how can we choose the appropriate present?

First of all, we should think about the person who will receive our gift: we need to evaluate the relationship between us, if it is friendship or a formal one.
Recipient’s age and sex are also very important; when it is possible, we can consider his or her tastes and inclinations. Under such circumstances our present will be appreciated, because it will be have been chosen exactly for that person.

Guess the righ present

Secondly we can find more inspiration in knowing his or her home whether it has a classical or contemporary style. If we precisely evaluate in which environment our present will be placed, it will be more special because it will fit exactly  with that particular context.
Sometimes, though, we don’t know such details, so we can choose fusion decor gifts, which will fit both to classical and contemporary environments.

Where we could direct?

Art objects are unique and  different: they are entirely or partly handmade. Even if they are manufactured in several samples, each one will be different than the others, making it more valuable. Therefore if we choose a handicraft object we can stand out from the mass-produced, cheap and pale things.

How to orient the right choice

Italy has a unique past when it comes to artistic creations.  Italy has been and still is the favorite destination for those who want not only know but also learn beauty, art and culture. Its glorious past mirrors contemporary creations, especially in applied arts, which are more tied to tradition and less influenced by trends. The fact that art objects gain value over time makes them a most precious gift as it can continue to be appreciated year and year.

Today obsolescence logic generates more short-lived items to increase new purchases and continue the game of trends. An object taht doesn't fall under this type of reasoning is rare and precious and for this, brings prestige both when received and given. Its quality is not prescribed by "hit and run" market rules, but by its class, by the high quality of raw materials, by the virtuosity of its creation.

An unquestionable benefit of handmade articles in addition to their uniqueness is that they can easily be customized to fit a buyer’s tastes and needs. The artist creates a handmade art object with passion and love and can therefore understand better a customer’s requests and necessities.

If we follow this advice we will be sure to choose a prestigious and unique gift, which let us be remembered.

How can I satisfy this necessity?

Ahura can answer to this problem: with 40 years of experience in artistic pottery, it can offer many gift ideas for personalized home decor and unusual collections.

Choices are endless: each piece is handmade in every step of production; Ahura’s lab connects every processing stage, creating custom pieces for any need, contrary to other factories which prefer outsourcing or entrusting work to third parties.

Ahura's artisans take care of each little detail

Continuous technical research allowed for the creation of an innovative material, called Keramnext: icomposed of natural mixed clays which exalt both ceramic and porcelain qualities. It is light but strong and has a fine particle size which allows fine details.

The right choice

Ahura offers unique gifts that are styled variously, so they can fit to diverse contexts.
You can choose between small or bigger animals, picture frames, vases, but also wall mirrors, candle-holders, lamps.
Finishings can be customized: selection includes traditional colors, made with natural pigment, precious metals like pure gold or platinum.

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