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Smart tips to decorate your home

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Smart tips to decorate your home

Smart tips for decorating you home

If you are decorating your home and you want it to be modern and elegant, you do not need to ask for an architect or a professional to help you make the best choice.
Perhaps not everyone knows that  decorating a home is easy. These are simple tips that will help you choose the best interior design items.

1. Understanding the right mood

Each room has innately a particular mood, a peculiar aura that distinguish it from others both in your own and other people’s houses. The kitchen aura is associated with tastes and colors, living rooms remind us to relax, bedrooms recalls intimacy and a studio a need for concentration. Once you have chosen a theme for your room you can begin to add more building blocks to make it a true work of art.

2. Playing with colors

If you can afford to paint your rooms, you can have much fun with colors.
Warm colors are energetic and intense, and perfectly suit to kitchen or basement. Country spaces need earthy colors, like ochre or brick red; modern rooms conform with bright colors like orange or cobalt yellow.

A wall painted in bright colour

Rooms where you relax or concentrate need cold and pale shades, which do not distract attention or unsettle you: pistachio green or salmon pink are perfect in the living room, whereas mauve suits well in a studio.
In bedroom you can experiment with intense combinations, even if it is recommended not to exaggerate with bright colors. Rather, you can soften bright colors combining pale shades. So let’s go ahead with purple and pink, midnight blue and azure, warm grey and white.

3. ...and if I cannot paint my house?

You do not need to paint your house to class your place up: you can do it with photos from your travels, big ones or collaged ones, posters, paintings. Rules are the same: you need to pay attention not to exaggerate. A few well balanced elements are better than a muddled mess.

Decorate rooms with travel pictures

A close substitute could be painting some furniture, perhaps an old piece that needs a little restoration. In paint shops you can find kits for painting any kind of surface, from wood to ceramic. In a short time you will renovate both the furniture and the room in which it stands, with small expense and little effort.

4. Playing with fabrics

Decorate livingroom with coloured cushions

Another way to customize a room is modernizing curtains, upholsteries and carpets. Color selection will be guided by the principles described above, as well as the advice to not exaggerate in combinations.
Curtains in living room should be pale so that the sunlight is not blocked; in bedrooms you can  dare to use heavy fabrics, perhaps combined with light ones like organza.
Carpets can be classical in parlors, while in intimate rooms you can play with colors and unusual patterns.
New upholsteries can be more expensive, unless you choose a removable sofa cover - handy but not elegant at all.
Instead of changing whole upholsteries you can add colored cushions, which match but also contrast with current fabrics.

5. Add personal touch

Every combination shows something about yourself and your ways of life, so each room portrays your interests and your story. No architect could ever achieve it like you do.
You can also have fun searching for unusual objects in flea markets, past times’ memories, old passions. Otherwise you can specifically choose interior design items which can create your preferred mood.
Fresh flowers give a special touch to every room, bringing color and liveliness, as well as delight with their scent. However flowers need care and last for a few days.
Potted plants are surely a good choice for those who have a green thumb or not. Different types of plants need different type of care. Cactuses are not the only plant that need little care plus you can find special vases which automatically water the plants (you just need to periodically fill the tank).

Create a focus point with potted plants

6. Take a step up

If the purpose is to make your home an original and elegant place, you need  one last touch.
What makes an architect-designed piece of furniture from a do-it-yourself one? Style-details mark the difference: few real class interior design items can change the entire appearance of a room just with their presence - which gives a magical and distinguished aura.

7. Find the focal point

Each room has a cornerstone, a fulcrum which focuses attention as soon as you come in: it could be a window with a particular view, or a fireplace, or a built-in bookshelf. If these elements were missing, you can set  a focal point yourself: you just need a showcase, or a bookshelf, or a peculiar table.
Once you have found room’s cornerstone, you can highlight it in several ways: you can paint the wall near it in a bright colour, or put a work of art, or emphasise it with lighting.
The important thing is that chosen focal point will represent best qualities of the room and will be the first thing to be noticed just walked in.

8. How you can choose the perfect interior design item

Modern house furniture and decorative items

It is often difficult to orient yourself in the ocean of furnishing, actually "Sirens" of false opportunities can be very convincing.
If you want real class items, not cheap imitations you can find in every store, you need to turn to fine items by trusted producers, with years of experience, who both produce valuable objects and give you precious advice.
Floor sculptures or shelf ornaments, console, mirrors, artistic chandeliers or floor lamps, vases or centrepieces: these are elements which can enhance furniture and highlight the mood of a room.

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And what about you? Are there other ideas you can add?

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