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The Jungle your place

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The Jungle your place

"The Jungle Book" movie poster

Relive the fascinating and exotic atmosphere of the Jungle Book, in 3D at the cinema but also at home: get inspired by the movie and choose from Ahura's
ceramic sculptures the one you like most.

The latest film adaptation of the Jungle Book,  Rudyard Kipling's best-known masterpiece, was recently released in theaters .
Produced by Walt Disney Pictures, it is a remake of the 1967 animated musical comedy film – the last to be produced by Walt Disney himself.

The book

Rudyard Kipling was born in India and lived there until he was six years old; he was then sent to study in England, but when he was twenty he went back to India where he worked as a journalist.
"The Jungle Book" is a collection of short stories, published periodically in newspapers or magazines between 1893 and 1894. The best known is about little Mowgli, a boy raised by a pack of wolves. Less known, but equally charming, are stories about the Mongoose Rikki-tikki and of the little Toomai, conductor of elephants. In 1895 Kipling published "The Second Jungle Book", with five stories centered on Mowgli.

The movie

The film focuses exclusively on the story of Mowgli, the "man cub" found in the jungle and adopted by a pack of wolves. At the age of about ten years, Mowgli is in danger. Tiger Shere Khan, a maneater, goes back to the jungle which puts Mowgli's life at risk. Therefore the animals of the jungle decide to take him to the nearest village, where he will be safe. Bagheera, a Black Panther, takes on this responsibility and accompanies Mowgli to safety.
During the journey, Mowgli is hypnotized by the snake Kaa, meets a bear Baloo and is kidnapped by a group of monkeys who want the boy to show them how to make fire.
Saved by Bagheera and Baloo, Mowgli faces Shere Khan and manages to defeat him using fire. After the final battle, the young man decides to stay in the jungle with his friends.

Main characters

Mowgli:  means “little frog.” The man cub that was adopted by a pack of wolves will always be torn between the love for the jungle and his friends and the desire to live with his own people.

The wolves: The wolf leader and Raksha raise Mowgli alongside their litter; Grey Brother is the only one of the cubs to have a known name, and he is the companion of Mowgli's adventures.

“Thy trail is my trail, thy lair is my lair, thy kill is my kill, and thy death-fight is my death-fight.”

Black panther ceramic sculpture, with gold details

Bagheera: is a Black Panther who saves little Mowgli who he found in the jungle still in diapers. He will be his guide as he is familiar with human customs.

“Everybody knew Bagheera, and nobody dared to cross his path; for he was as cunning as Tabaqui, as bold as the wild buffalo, and as reckless as the wounded elephant. But he had a voice as soft as wild honey dripping from a tree, and a skin softer than dawn”

Baloo: the bear has a different role in the stories and film versions; in the book, he is a sort of master for the animals and would like Mowgli to live with humans, whereas in the movies he is a lover of the good life and initially wants the Mowgli to stay with him.

“Baloo, sleepy brown bear who teaches the wolf cubs the Law of the Jungle”

Kaa: he is a Python that, like Baloo, plays different roles the the two versions of the story. In the stories he is a faithful friend of Mowgli, but in Disney movies he is an enemy and tries several times to eat him.

“Kaa was not a poison snake--in fact he rather despised the poison snakes as cowards--but his strength lay in his hug, and when he had once lapped his huge coils round anybody there was no more to be said.”

Big tiger ceramic sculpture

Shere Khan:  is a tiger and the main antagonist of Mowgli; in the literary version he is crippled,  maimed and attacked by men; in Disney movies he is strong and powerful.

“Shere Khan roared still in the night, for he was very angry that Mowgli had not benn handed over to him.”

Bandar-log:  means the monkey people, headed by King Louis, an orangutan that wants to know the secrets of the humans and especially fire.

“ Here we sit in a branchy row,
Thinking of beautiful things we know;
Dreaming of deeds that we mean to do,
All complete, in a minute or two—
Something noble and grand and good,
Won by merely wishing we could.”

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Anna Letizia

Written by Anna Letizia

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